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Simple means something a little different to everyone but for us, it’s about being comfortable and straightforward. We are approaching 30 years in the Denver window business and while our model of Simple may seem a bit “old fashioned” today, we are satisfied to remain small enough to be personally involved with our customers. We’ve found that bigger isn’t always better! Our back to the basics style is focused on what our customers want so that we can guide them through options (like windows, glass doors and installation) which provide the best solutions without a high pressure sales approach.
We know that our work to gain your trust begins after the sale so, it’s not sensible to risk our reputation by offering anything less than excellence in service and installation. Gaining new customers in Denver through your referrals helps us to continually provide our products at a great value. At Colorado Classic Windows, we will remain committed to quality products, affordable pricing and satisfied customers.

It’s that SIMPLE!

It would be our pleasure to work with you.

Our Services

Colorado Classic Windows takes pride in being a full-service company in Denver. That means that our scope of work includes product sales, complete window installation, glass door installation, and service for our installed products.

Some homeowners choose to install the windows themselves and in that case we will provide the windows for you.

Entry doors and patio doors are also included in our scope of service.

It’s not uncommon for a homeowner to decide that their project will include replacement windows and glass doors. Working with us on all phases helps to ensure that each phase is scheduled and completed within the appropriate time frame at a consistent level of excellence. Our goal is always to keep the disruption to your home life as minimal as possible.

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Our Clients

Our customers come to us with a variety of needs. Some are homeowners who want windows for their own home while others own income property and want to add value to their property by offering a better environment for their tenants. Homeowners who choose to work with us trust our expertise, understand the value of a professional installation, and appreciate quality at a good value. We don’t do anything “cheap” so clearly, we can’t appeal to everyone.

Our customers are pleased when the job is completed and are happy to refer us to other homeowners through word of mouth or written testimonials.

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